The Next Gen Clan


About the Next Generation Clan

What are we?

- We are Total Miner builders.

- We build for the community.

- We help others build.

- We inspire many people.

What Started The Next Generation Clan?

Well what started it is at first Scarzy started a challenge map called Sandstorm, and many people like it. And then I had someone join my map quite a lot. No to long after that he started his own challenge map.

His map was amazingly designed, un-like all the other ones you see.

This person was called Jeff McNewmen.

Scarzy started to speak to him about starting a challenge map together, so after a few months we found another good designer that could help us build.


He also started to help us with the new map.

He now has his own Next Generation map


We all still work on Snowstorm, and the map is coming along very well.

And after that we decided to start a clan about it.

And that's how the Next Generation Clan started.